Frequently Asked Questions

USTAD is "United States Taxi And Dispatch" Operating services for Independent Taxi Drivers.

USTAD Ride Share Taxis are being operated In the following States:
1. Illinois

USTAD signs up with Independent Taxi Drivers and Taxi Operators to take our rides at USTAD Rates using a Taxi Ride Share Model. The USTAD Dispatch Service dispatches the Customer Calls to these Independent Taxi Operators who have signed up with USTAD.

A Customer can book a USTAD ride through

1. Mobile Application (Available in Apple and Android Stores)

2. By calling Dispatch Operator - 1 844 USTAD US

Rate estimates are made automatically available while booking the ride through USTAD Mobile Application. The Dispatch Operator also gives the rate while booking the ride over the phone.

You can pay either with the Credit Card on your Customer Profile or by Cash. These options will be provided to you while booking the ride.

Yes you can cancel the ride any time before the Taxi Driver Reports to your Pick Up Location with no charges. However, a Cancellation Fee of $3 will be charged to your credit card on profile if you cancel after the taxi driver reports at your location.

Yes, You can Make Advanced Reservations on the states we are operating. Advanced Reservations can be made through USTAD Mobile Application or by calling 1 844 USTAD US.

You can place your order before you arrive either from USTAD Mobile Apps or by calling 1-844USTAD US. If you pre-order or make a reservation, you still must call after you collect your luggage to let the dispatcher know you are ready.

Or, if you do not pre-arrange a ride, just call when you have all luggage and your taxi will be at the middle lane in about 10 minutes.

Taxis are staged in a lot on the outskirts of the airport.

Each terminal has a designated door. The Dispatch System will intimate you on your designated pickup area.

No. USTAD taxis are only licensed to be dispatched by an order from the customer

No. However, if a customer is using a walker or wheel chair and can get in and out of the taxi, the driver may be requested to fold and put the equipment in the trunk. Drivers are not allowed to assist a person in or out of the taxi.

No, you must provide the seat according to the law.

Yes. You can book a USTAD Taxi for a Half a Day or a Full Day. Please call 1-844-USTAD US for information on the daily rates.

Yes. You can request if you are a female passenger. The request can be made only by calling our toll free number 1-844-USTAD US and not through mobile application. However there is no guarantee that you might get a Female Driver for the ride. USTAD Dispatch Operator will make every attempt to get a Female Driver for your ride.

No. All the Taxis running under USTAD need not have USTAD logos on it, as our operating model is a Taxi Ride Share Model. USTAD will have Independent Taxi Drivers working for different Taxi Cab Companies signing up with us and taking rides for us.

The Taxi Number Plate, Drivers Mobile Number will be shared with you. When the ride booking is made through a mobile application, the Drivers Picture also gets displayed.

Please email to support@ustadtaxi.com. USTAS Support Team will make every possible attempt to resolve your complaint.

The USTAD driver cannot charge you more than what is provided in the estimated ride fare. In the event of an extra payment, due to unavoidable circumstances, please email to support@ustadtaxi.com. We will make an enquiry regarding the incident and if the driver is found guilty, all required disciplinary actions will be taken, and the extra amount charged will be returned with some additional customer discounts, to compensate for your loss.


  • Book your taxi in advance
  • Taxi for Half a Day or a Full Day
  • Instant rate estimates on your Mobile App
  • Pay using any preferred mode of payment
  • Receive prompt notifications on Cab and Ride details.

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