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USTAD Taxi Dispatch Services

USTAD Stands for 'United States Taxi And Dispatch Services'. The creators of USTAD have an extensive background in managing and operating Taxi Fleet Services in Illinois. USTAD was created to address some of the current issues faced by both the passengers and drivers of the modern ride share models. USTAD provides TAXI DISPATCH SERVICES across several states* in USA through a network of independent taxi owners and operators, using their own equipments and insurance policies.

  • How do we differ from traditional & non traditional taxi dispatch services in USA?

    There are several taxi dispatch services - large and small - operating in USA. Some have fixed rates for all rides and some have different rates during peak time of the day or season. Some take very high commissions from the drivers, leaving nothing to the drivers. And the combinations are aplenty. But in most cases somewhere someone in the equation loses for another's gain. USTAD in quest for a win-win solution, where everyone in the equation benefits almost equally has come up with a well-balanced, best of breed - HYBRID Taxi Dispatch solution that cares and caters to all; the customer, the driver and the operator.


  • Book your taxi in advance
  • Taxi for Half a Day or a Full Day
  • Instant rate estimates on your Mobile App
  • Pay using any preferred mode of payment
  • Receive prompt notifications on Cab and Ride details.

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