Rate Guarantee

Can I have a standard predictable taxi rate every time I book my ride?

Yes! USTAD provides you not only predictable taxi rates but also lowest among all other Taxi Dispatch Providers in the US Market.

  • We charge no additional charges for traffic delays or during peak seasons

    We run on standard predictable rates with no hiked up differential charges for peak seasons and absolutely no charges for traffic delays.

  • Our Taxi rates are the lowest in the market

    Our charges per mile is at least 5 to 10 Cents lower than the lowest Taxi Dispatch provider in the market - be it local or a global taxi dispatch service provider.


  • Book your taxi in advance
  • Taxi for Half a Day or a Full Day
  • Instant rate estimates on your Mobile App
  • Pay using any preferred mode of payment
  • Receive prompt notifications on Cab and Ride details.

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